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name: Jess
age: 20
sex: girlie
straight: sure
location: whorelando, fl
piercings: stretching ears
tats: soon

drink: yessss
drugs: nahhh
smoke: yesss
our government: might as well be dead
sex: always
sex with a midget: ehhh

bands you listen to: these arms are snakes, the swords project, sigur ros, blame canada, avenue d, darkest hour, ima robot, the blood bros, dead to fall, rilo kiley, underoath, the locust, city of caterpillar, between the buried and me....etc
fav. band: underoath
fav. song: memory
fav. lyric *not the whole song dipshit*: "And if the world we are forced to accept is false and nothing is true, then everything is possible."
best show you've been to: everytime i die/the black dahlia murder/as i lay dying
most recent show: underoath/18v/fear before the march of flames
promote a local band: molly ringwald

ps-i don't even know why the fuck i got invited to this, i listen to metal more than anything, but it's chill. i'll be nice to you if you're not a fuckass to me.

^just to prove i'm not a secret internet fatty
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