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name:Robin jean
age: 16
sex: female
straight: bi
location: poughkeepsie, new york
piercings: right side lip
tats: nope

drink: nope
drugs: nope
smoke: yes
our government: crack kills.
sex: not now
sex with a midget: no thanks

bands you listen to: Melt banana, an albatross, 1905, the number12, the locust, pg.99, transistor transistor, arab on radar, holy molar, horse the band, sex positions, pig destroyer & the tony danza tapdance extravaganza
fav. band: pg.99
fav. song: the #12 -don't get blood on my prada shoes.
fav. lyric *not the whole song dipshit*: spread your thighs like a cancer let me see what's inside.
your pale body has that graveyard charm.
best show you've been to: Hellfest 2004
most recent show: horse the band, endicott, zolof the rock and roll destroyer
promote a local band: My bitter end.

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