_tail (_tail) wrote in grind_bitchez,

name: scott
age: 16
sex: male
straight: bi
location: schaumburg, IL
piercings: not yet, i will soon be gettin my lip though
tats: not yet

drink: every night, or atleast i try
drugs: hell na
smoke: hell na
our government: hell na
sex: sex is fun
sex with a midget: funner

bands you listen to: daughters, blood brothers, devendra banhart, locust, pretty girls make graves, rilo kiley, pig destroyer, agoraphobic nosebleed, ladytron, freezepop, germs, death cab, modest mouse, ugly cassanova, bright eyes, the faint, the cure, the cars, morrissey, david bowie, against me
fav. band: against me
fav. song: those anarcho punx are mysterious
fav. lyric *not the whole song dipshit*: all of a sudden people start talkin bout guns talkin like their goin to war
best show you've been to: blood brothers
most recent show: blood brothers
promote a local band: the audition is really good

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