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name: Madison
age: 17
sex: female
straight: bi
location: south carolina
piercings: bridge, septum, naval
tats: none

drink: yes
drugs: no
smoke: yes
our government: is plunging as we speak
sex: now?
sex with a midget: ill pass.

bands you listen to: birdflesh, as the sun sets, daughters, fuck..im dead, magrudergrind, gigantic brain, nunwhore commando 666, a new kind of american saint, the locust,
fav. band: hmmm thats a tuffie ((b/w birdflesh, daughters, and fuck..im dead))
fav. song:"nurse would you please prep patient for sexual doctor" x daughters, and "gut to kill" x birdflesh
fav. lyric *not the whole song dipshit*: in the recovery room i wrote a list of all the ways that you are beautiful.
it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

best show you've been to: prayer for cleansing reunion show with destroy the machines (earth crisis cover band of members from PFC) and crimson spectre - people from everywhere came to see them and the whole fucking floor was a pit
most recent show: bury your dead, walls of jericho, premonitions of war, and full blown chaos in columbia SC
promote a local band:


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