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first post

let's see, this is the first post so i might as well do an app.

name: zach
age: 16
sex: male
straight: yeh
location: knox, tn
piercings: not yet
tats: not yet

drink: yeh
drugs: nah
smoke: used to
our government: is horrible. it'd be better if we could get bush the hell out of office and our toops away from iraq.
sex: everyone does it. i'm fine with it.
sex with a midget: only with a hot one. hahaha

bands you listen to: just look under the community interests, but here's a few anyways- love lost but not forgotten, the locust, planes mistaken for stars, jenny piccolo, swing kids, get fucked, the blood bros, plot to blow up, the get hustle, heroin, etc...
fav. band: the locust (they were my intro band)
fav. song: Bring Your 65 Carbine
fav. lyric *not the whole song dipshit*: dance to the sound of his weight bearing back fucking breaking
best show you've been to: the chromatics, killmetomorrow, daughters, and the blood bros.
most recent show: winter in alaska, secret lives of the freemasons, redwinterdying
promote a local band: redwinterdying, everyone check the's slutz out. and

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